I believe in a clean balance of People, Content and Platform.

Is your project mobile-first or responsive? Are you focused on community, content or cash-flow? Will your short-term tactics sync with your long-term goals?

Whatever the mix, my heuristic process delivers scaleable and flexible conceptualization, strategy, design, development, analysis and management for the long haul. I position your product not merely to hit the perfect balance - but to own it.

Just ask my clients.

My Process

My work begins with the foundation: Business Analysis LEARN MORE

Business Analysis
Process step

WHY: Brand power emanates from the strength of your connection with users. I design for the user.

HOW: Map the landscape, understand the users. Who are they? What do you want them to do? What do they want to do?

DELIVERABLES: Personas, user stories, competitive and brand analysis, business requirements, wireframes.

Process step

WHY: Planning a journey is more than knowing where to go, choosing what to bring and deciding when to leave. It's about determining how best to travel - and planning flexibly enough to change course when your way is blocked.

HOW: Map the large steps. People? Process? Technology? Message? Method? Content? Now build the smaller steps and tune their synergy.

DELIVERABLES: Project taxonomy, crowd/social maps, solutions map, strategic roadmap, KPI metrics

Information Architecture
Process Step

WHY: IA is not just the bones, but the brains and heart of great user experience. Deep and lasting user experience needs a solid, flexible and scaleable foundation that understands present needs and anticipates future desires.

HOW: Diagram the space between client's goals and the user's needs.

DELIVERABLES: Detailed use cases, functional specification, functional requirements, content and user matrices, highly-annotated wireframes.

Process step

WHY: Voice and stickiness are critical to success and longevity. Even as the web swiftly evolves, content is still king.

HOW: Identify talent. Plan for reliability. Shape the tone and payload to feed changing needs and desires.

DELIVERABLES: Content inventory, taxonomy, user-demographic mapping, style guide, governance policies, training.

Social Media
Process step

WHY: Conversation, not dictation. Customers not only own your brand, they are their own brands.

HOW:Give people voice, engage them, respond and truly connect. Empower the conversation, listen carefully, respond sensibly and own the space.

DELIVERABLES: Community strategy, social taxonomy, crowd atlas, market analysis, conversation monitoring, solution design & governance.

Mobile Technology
Process step

WHY: Give people a handheld tool they cannot live without, and they will follow you, no matter the platform.

HOW: Strong mobile presence requires intelligent strategy, must-have content/functionality and sticky user experience design. The secret lies in designing strategy for all platforms and then designing innovative user experience explicitly for mobile.

DELIVERABLES: Mobile application design

Visual Design / Branding

National Conference on Digital Government Research

Digital Government CHALLENGE: Create visual branding for an academic research community's annual conference. Reflect the community's diversity and future-oriented philosophy. Do it on a tight budget.

APPROACH: Develop core visual branding and brand-application strategy based on the community's multi-disciplinary and collaborative nature. Apply it as appropriate to web sites, publications, interactive CD-ROMs and ephemera.

RESULT: A unified look and feel for the entire event and all of its publications.

Digital Government
Digital Government
Process Step

WHY: Clear branding and strong design communicate everything: The spirit, energy and worth of a brand.

HOW: Understand the audience. Know what they are used to so that you may delight them. Hew to existing style guides in spirit, but push the boundaries of convention. Make the old new, and make the new resonate with the old.

DELIVERABLES: Competitive analysis, mood board, comps, logos, style guide, form-factor variations, assets

Complete startup


Snapcious CHALLENGE: Develop technology to deliver consumer engagement to brand marketers; create brand, marketing strategy, messaging and collateral to support its launch and drive sales

APPROACH: Select developers, deliver full product spec and documentation (personas, use cases, wireframes and technical requirements), and design and develop all marketing materials.

RESULT: A bleeding-edge marketing technology, brand and business.

Process Step

WHY: Modern marketing tools are weak and expensive. Brands need to regain control of
their mobile channels.

HOW: Identify a problem. Research the market space. Design, develop, test and launch a
solution. Build a company around it.

DELIVERABLES: Mobile consumer-engagement platform for brands and marketing agencies.



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